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Beautiful Moments: Klout + Instagram

March 28th, 2013 by Prantik Bhattacharyya

Klout loves Instagram! So we are extremely excited to announce we are adding Instagram into the Klout score. By connecting your Instagram account with Klout, you can broaden your influence and showcase your beautiful moments from Instagram to the people you influence and the world.

How Instagram Will Impact Your Klout Score

We designed the Klout score so that the addition of a network can only increase your score, never decrease it. Users with low Instagram activity levels will not see a score drop after connecting their Instagram accounts. If you are an active Instagram user, you can expect your score to go up.

In the following chart, we show the change in the Klout score distribution for users who have already added Instagram as a network to their Klout account. More than 10 percent of Klout users who have Instagram connected will see their scores increase into the 50 to 70 score range.

So, who will see a score change? In the next chart, we show the percentage of users who will see a change. Over 77 percent of users who have connected their Instagram accounts will see a score increase between 1 and 5 points. And 16 percent of Instagram-connected users will see a Score increase of 5 or more points.

Actions on Instagram

We measure influence on Instagram by analyzing your ability to drive social actions. The influence of the people engaging with your content, the number of followers, and the actions taken on the photos you post (e.g., “Likes” and “Comments”) form the foundation of our analytical methods. Details about how signals are incorporated into the Klout score can be found here.

Check your score summary on your dashboard for detailed statistics and to learn how your interactions on Instagram feed into your Klout score.

The number of followers and social interactions on the photos uploaded by users increases significantly for each score range of 10 points. A user with a score between 40 and 50 has on average approximately 150 followers and 300 actions on their photos over the past 90 days. In contrast, a user with a score between 80 and 90 has approximately 50,000 followers and 200,000 social actions, both orders of magnitude greater.

How Instagram Will Enhance Your Klout Moments

With millions of beautiful photographs being posted every day on Instagram, it’s easy to miss a picture that resonated with your network. We took a closer look at a few users who stood out to us.

Shannon Ferguson is a digital media executive, Instagramming pictures from Paris, France. Because Instagram is one of her main networks of influence, her Klout score has risen by 18.97 points, bringing her to a 63.35!

Dan Marker-Moore, a motion designer from Los Angeles, uses Instagram to share pictures of beautiful landscapes, skylines, and architecture. He maintains a blog dedicated to unique photographs of payphones. Although Dan isn’t active on Twitter with only a handful of followers, Dan’s Instagram engagement has bumped his score from 40.49 to 74.64.

Lonely Planet’s Instagram account brings you the best photographs from their employees’ international vacations. Their showcasing of the personal side of their brand has bought them a dedicated audience on Instagram. These photogenic moments have moved their score from 93.83 to 95.31.

Chevrolet celebrates the ingenuity of vehicle engineering and design through their Instagram account. Whether they are giving users a sneak peek at VIP events or satisfying their midday ‘need for speed’ craving—their Instagram account is making waves in the Instagram brand community. Our score integration has brought them from a score of 93.44 to 95.25.

A special thanks to the team at Klout for making this happen, particularly David Ross, Naveen Gattu, Adithya Rao and Christine Nguyen. If you’re interested in joining the team behind the Klout Score, come join us!

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  • http://twitter.com/SubBeerBia Jeremy Teel

    This is great, something I’ve been hoping would happen for awhile now since my photos on Instagram receive more engagement than any other channel. Great insights into the background.

  • http://twitter.com/msmir Miriam Slozberg

    This is great. A lot of active Instagram users out there should be happy now.

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  • http://www.muschamp.ca/ Muskie

    I would have preferred Disqus support, what with typing this comment in Disqus and all…

  • http://www.rebeccaborg.com/ Jason Borg

    Disqus support would be cool.

  • Shyla Lane

    Will there be a way to link more than one Instagram to your Klout in the near future? I manage two different accounts, one that is specifically for a food blog and the other that is my personal one. Thanks!

  • Nikita Kozachinsky

    Thank you

  • http://wholemediaconcepts.com/ Whole Media Concepts

    This type of creativity, hyperlinked into e-commerce functionality and telescoped into deeper brand promotional concepts is a beautiful thing when executed well. Cheers to the article!

  • JonnyDick

    Hi Gary – Jon from Klout here. Thanks for the comment!

    In our opinion, the most important thing for Joe User to do is to create great content around the topics s/he is most passionate about. We’re constantly running campaigns with partners who want to reach the influencers who really care about their brand and establishing influence in a topical area is the key for us to find you.

    As for your question about what small business owners can do to incorporate earned media into their marketing mix, we recommend starting with our free Klout for Business Insights (click “get started” at business.klout.com). These will help small business owners understand what’s working for them on social, so they can optimize future efforts. Admittedly, our toolset for SMBs is not as robust as our toolset for larger businesses, but we’re working on it.

    I hope this helps!

  • http://corp.klout.com Klout

    Glad to hear that, Eddy!