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10 People You Need to Follow for the Best ‘Summer Travel’ Tips
July 19, 2016

Summer is here! And if you’re lucky enough to be planning your dream vacation, you can always use some more inspiration – right? Well, the easiest and fastest way to get that is to keep up with the top experts and influencers on Twitter.  Thanks to Klout, here is a list of the ‘Top Experts’ in travel.


Follow these people to get the best hotel recommendations, find out where the locals eat, and what excursion you can’t miss. Klout identifies ‘Top Experts’ as those individuals or entities who have generated the most engaging content for a given topic in the last 90 days.


Klout summer travel image.png


Plus, we just released our State of Social Engagement 2016: Travel & Hospitality Edition, where we studied eight brands to find out how well they engage travelers on social channels.


The findings are the result of hard numbers plus human analysis that determined engagement, cohesive strategy, content mission/effectiveness, storytelling, and collaboration with influencers. While a few excelled, most failed to respond quickly to customer’s posts, focused exclusively on Twitter, and provided entertainment and attractive educational content over direction and support.


Travelers want more on social, and brands need to step up their game. Travel & Hospitality brands must mature as well as be available and responsive using an integrated digital strategy.


Want to learn who’s cool for the summer and how you can improve your social engagement?


Download the full report here and view the full infographic here.

Janice Kim

Janice works on marketing and social media for Lithium + Klout. Follow the brand on Twitter @Klout.


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