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Klout Gets Hacking
October 05, 2012

The end of the quarter is the perfect time to take a day (or two or three) to celebrate the awesome work completed the past 90 days. And what better way to celebrate than…more work?! Well, a hackathon to be precise.



The Front End team discussing their Hackathon project


For those unfamiliar, a hackathon is a contest where developers (designers, marketers and product-minded folk are also welcome) work for a designated amount of time—24 hours or a weekend usually—to bring a new product, software, etc., from inception to prototype. It’s a bit of an engineering tradition, picking up steam in startups and particular industries, many of which host internal and external events and award prizes to the winners.




Klout team working on their code and design during the Klout Hackathon



The winning app was an Influence Landscape Visualization by Keith Walker. Keith took a concept we’ve talked about many times, and have seen a few of our Partner Developers implement on our API in the past: plot the influence graph of a user and make it a visual experience. An influencer’s connections are displayed as dots of increasing magnitude relative to their Klout Score. You can drill down on any of these connections to then see that influencer’s connections, and so on and so forth down the rabbit hole.




Our second winning hack looked at surfacing new insights from our recent Klout Moments feature. Casting them through the lens of location and your immediate network, this team (consisting of Mao Ye, Mark Azevedo, Sreevatsan Raman, andAdithya Rao) actually conceived this as two separate projects, then realized they could easily mesh into one. Moments can be viewed by city, allowing you to view the top influential content in San Francisco. Curious what the people you influence are saying? Their recommended moments surface their top content.





The rest of the submissions were no less notable, including heat cloud visualizations, sentiment analysis, scientific discovery of movers and shakers, real-time backend tracking, an influential business radar, a new scoring system for career growth, and a uniquely polished presentation for affiliate marketing for bars and clubs. Even our CEO, Joe Fernandez, piloted a group to success, offering a new take on creating a street team for mobilizing your influencer network to drive change and get the word out utilizing our notification system and circles.




We plan to continue a new tradition of this each quarter, and know that each time the quality of work will be top-notch and find its way into the Klout experience. All of the teams did a fantastic job and showed a diversity of approach and vision while also cohesively rallying around concepts we’ve collectively considered for some time now. We couldn’t be more proud.